End of Lease Cleaning London

End of Lease Cleaning London

Let us help ensure you get your deposit returned with no fuss or arguments from the landlord.

When the time comes to move out of your rented accommodation and on to pastures new, have you got the time and energy to perform an end of lease clean if living in London? It’s something that you’ve got to do, otherwise you risk losing your deposit, and where’s the sense in that? Let us help ensure you get your deposit returned with no fuss or arguments from the landlord. You can then move house without worrying or looking back.

Our professional end of lease cleaners will ensure the property you’re leaving looks as clean and tidy as the day you moved in. They have all the time needed and the necessary equipment and cleaning products to provide a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service.


What Does Our End of Lease Cleaning Service Include?

Our standard package includes:


  • Work surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Units emptied and cleaned.
  • Doors and skirting cleaned.
  • Wall tiles cleaned and polished.
  • Windows, frames, door heads and handles degreased and cleaned.
  • Electrical fittings cleaned and polished.
  • Taps and sink, descaled and polished.
  • Thorough oven clean inside and out.
  • Fridge and freezer cleaned of all mould, dirt, and food residue.
  • Electrical appliances cleaned.
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out.
  • Floor mopped.



  • Mirrors cleaned and polished.
  • Extractors and vents wiped.
  • Windows cleaned.
  • Descale, clean, and polish shower screen.
  • Wall tiles cleaned and polished.
  • Toilet descaled and scrubbed clean.
  • Floors cleaned and polished.


Bedrooms and other areas

  • Fixtures and fittings cleaned and polished.
  • Furniture moved and floors vacuumed or mopped.
  • Mattresses lifted and vacuumed.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • All glass cleaned with a glass cleaner.
  • Windows, doors, and sills are cleaned and polished.
  • Lounge suite extensively vacuumed.
  • Wooden furniture carefully dusted.
  • Cabinets and bedroom furniture cleaned inside and out.


You might be tempted to tackle some of these jobs yourself. But do you realise how complicated and time consuming they can be? Worry about all the other aspects of moving out while we worry about cleaning. We’ve also got an enviable track record for ensuring our clients had no issues with the landlords when they moved out.

Let’s not forget as well that our London end of lease cleaning service is also a great option for landlords and letting agents. If your last tenant has left the property in a bad state, we can come and clean it up ready for future viewings and prospective clients. 


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Make Tenancy Cleaners UK Your House Cleaning Company of Choice

Next time you look around your home and think to yourself, “Oh dear, I think such-and-such could do with a fantastic clean”, we want your first port of call to be us here at Tenancy Cleaners UK.

We don’t want you to worry about calling lots of different companies and asking for quotes, because you’ll already have our telephone number in your contacts. We can provide you with all the cleaning services you need for your home.

From carpet cleaning right the way through to end of lease cleaning in London, we want to be your go to guys.

Call us today or send us an email. Don’t lose your deposit because you lost heart cleaning. Book your end of lease cleaning service in London before you sign on the dotted line of your new rental agreement.

We are dedicated and hardworking and will have the property looking spotless. Don’t give your landlord any excuse to wriggle out of returning your deposit. 

End of Lease Cleaning is Not Just for When You’re Moving Out

Our end of lease cleaning service does just what it says on the tin. But there are other occasions when such a cleaning service can be very handy.

Say, for example, you’re about to move into a new property, maybe even your very first home? How would it feel if you could move all your belongings in straight away without having to worry about cleaning first? Certainly preferable to spending days cleaning up before you can unpack any of your boxes.

Our pre-tenancy cleaning service will wipe away the finger marks, remove the cobwebs, and allow you to enjoy your new home much sooner than you thought possible.

We also offer additional cleaning services, for example, carpet cleaning, one off cleaning, and after builders cleaning