Move Out Cleaning in London

Move Out Cleaning in London

A top to bottom deep cleaning service for those, moving out of a property

Tenancy Cleaning UK offers a variety of services to meet the needs of tenants, landlords, lettings agents, and anyone else within London and the M25. One such service is our move out cleaning service, which is a top to bottom deep cleaning service for those, as the name implies, moving out of a property.

Such a clean is necessary, to not just leave your previous home in good condition for the next residents, but especially for tenants who are looking to get their security deposit back from the landlord or lettings agent. Nearly all tenancy agreements require a move out cleaning to be performed when the contract is coming to an end. To achieve the results necessary to meet the requirements of your landlord, you need to use a professional cleaning company, just like us here at Tenancy Cleaning UK. Using a professional cleaning company ensures you will get your security deposit back, which is a result every tenant hopes for.

Even if you are not a tenant, but a homeowner who is moving on to their next house, a London move out cleaning service will leave the property sparkling, and will be sure to entice a new buyer.

What Is A Move Out Cleaning?

Your landlord or lettings agent may have instructed you to get a move out cleaning, though the term can seem quite open to interpretation. There are specific requirements that need to be met for the property manager to mark the home you are leaving as receiving a professional move out cleaning service in London. The top to bottom move out clean offered by us here at Tenancy Cleaning UK covers all aspects of the standards set by the best lettings agents in London. Organising such a clean is simple:

  • Call, email, or use our online booking form and make a request for a move out cleaning service.
  • Our expert sales team will take all the necessary details and provide a no-obligation quote that will be hard to beat.
  • Book a date and time for our cleaning team to come to your property. Weekend and public holidays make no difference to us. We are even happy to go out of our way to pick up keys from an agent if necessary.
  • Your booked cleaning team will arrive at the time you have booked and get straight to work. The cleaning team will perform a deep cleaning of your property from top to bottom. All carpets get hoovered, all surfaces get wiped down, all kitchen appliances receive a deep clean, and your bathroom has limescale removed while being sanitised.
  • Once we have performed the cleaning service, you have a 48 hour reclean guarantee, just in case a problem with the cleaning does arise. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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Hoovering comes standard with the cleaning. However, professional carpet cleaning is available upon request. If you do book carpet cleaning, that portion of the cleaning will receive a discount. The same offer extends to the cleaning of the upholstery. At Tenancy Cleaning UK, if you need something extra added to your cleaning service, make the request, and we will be happy to help. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Why Should I Use Tenancy Cleaning UK For My Move Out Cleaning?

London is full of companies offering move out cleaning services, so why should you choose Tenancy Cleaning UK? Well, its in the name. We specialise in providing cleaning services for tenants. Our cleaners are trained and experienced in performing deep cleans of properties, which combined with the best cleaning equipment money can buy, will leave your property sparkling clean, which results in you getting your deposit back. Such a comprehensive service doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either, with a Tenancy Cleaning UK offering some of the most affordable cleaning services in London. Don't believe us? Call now and see what we can do for you.