What our Client Say

“I gave Tenancy Cleaners a call because a friend of mine recommended them. I was moving out at the end of the week and was worried I’d lose the deposit I put down on my flat. They gave me a quote and I was pleasantly surprised at the price. They came and performed their end of tenancy cleaning service, and my landlord phoned today and said he was happy to return my deposit. Couldn’t have been happier. Thanks Tenancy Cleaners UK for being my saviours.


Isabelle Clements

Coordinator @ E.J. Korvette

“When the builders left last week after completing my extension, I was amazed at the amount of dust deposited all around my house. My mother-in-law was due in a couple of days to come and view the work, but I didn’t have the time to clean. I didn’t want to let the side down so I called Tenancy Cleaners UK. Needless to say; I didn’t let on that I’d not cleaned myself. The mother-in-law was suitably impressed. You saved my bacon Tenancy Cleaners and I’d choose you again.


Bailey Morrison

Real Estate Agent @ Manu Connection

“I called Tenancy Cleaners to come and clean my carpets. It wasn’t until I started moving furniture around that I noticed how dirty my carpets had become. Thanks TC you brought them back to life and even managed to get rid of the doggy smell.


Kyle Lynch

“After a rather raucous dinner party I was left with wine stains on my dining room carpet and didn’t know how to get them out. Thanks to Tenancy Cleaners, the carpet now looks as good as new. I didn’t realise how dirty it had become.

Abbie Taylor

Director of Social Care @ Islington Council

“I hate spring cleaning and it wasn’t until a friend suggested a one off cleaning service that I thought to call Tenancy Cleaning UK. I’m glad I did and I’m never going to worry about spring cleaning again, I’ll be calling you back at least once a year. It’s worth it.

Zoe Marsh

“When I finished fitting my new kitchen, I couldn’t wait to move everything back in. Cleaning wasn’t something I was looking forward to but Tenancy Cleaners UK saved the day. I’m definitely going to call you again when I’ve finished tiling my bathroom.


Kayleigh Harvey

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